Tennis betting

Tennis consistently ranks among the top three most popular sports, with fans all over the world. In the world of sports betting, tennis is considered one of the most sought-after sports, second only to football. Both fans of tennis matches and bettors who specialize in other sports make bets on it, as they consider it to be easily predictable.

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In fact, the seeming simplicity and ease of betting on tennis is an illusion. Djokovic can lose when the bookmakers give odds of 1.01 to win, and an outsider who was walking in the line with a quote of 14.00 is more than sure to win. As in any other sport, there are some nuances that you need to delve into.

Types of tennis bets

Beginners usually bet on the victory of one of the tennis players in the match, ignoring other betting options. The main outcome is not a panacea, sometimes it is more profitable to take additional outcomes. Next, we will get acquainted with the most popular types of tennis bets.

  • The main outcome is P1 or P2, fortunately, there can be no draw, which greatly simplifies the life of players who bet on tennis.
  • Total games – you need to predict whether more or less than the specified number of games will be played in the match.
  • Total Sets – You can also bet on the number of sets played in a tennis match.
  • Handicap or Asian Handicap – bets on winning a match, taking into account a certain handicap. You can bet on odds for sets and games.
  • Accurate score – in this case, the player should correctly predict with what score the match will end.
  • Set Winning – Bets on the winner of a specific set. Similarly, you can take odds on individual sets and bet on total sets.
  • Long-term bets are the results of tournaments, for example, the winner of Roland Garros, the Davis Cup, the Australian Open, and so on.

The main championships for betting on tennis

Tennis tournaments are held all year round, and each of them can become profitable in terms of betting if you are well versed in tennis and know the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes. Nevertheless, it is better to bet on the most prestigious competitions, where there are practically no match-fixing and all tennis players are highly motivated.

First of all, pay attention to the Grand Slam tournaments – four competitions that are considered the most prestigious in the tennis world:

Australian Open The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tournament of the calendar year, which traditionally starts at the end of January on the courts of Melbourne.

Roland Garros The French Open or simply Roland Garros annually gathers the best rackets of the planet in Paris at the turn of spring and summer.

Wimbledon After Roland Garros, tennis players have not yet had time to rest, as the schedule calls for Britain to eat strawberries and cream and fight for victory at the Wimbledon tournament.

US Open The US Open closes the Grand Slam series, held in New York at the end of the summer.

Status competitions are the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup – tournaments among national teams, the ATP Masters 1000 series tournaments – men’s tennis and the WTA Premier Mandatory – women’s, as well as the final ATP and WTA championships.

Best Tennis Betting Strategies

Perhaps, every bookmaker’s office player dreams of finding a philosopher’s stone – a working strategy that will regularly bring profit in tennis bets. Unfortunately, we do not have such secrets, if they exist at all, but we can advise you on some good strategies to start with.

Martingale system. An old-fashioned strategy that tells us to play at odds of 2.00 and double the bet after each loss, and return to the original bet when we win.

Shchukin strategy. The author of this unique system recommends betting on the winning tennis player who receives the serve. After two losses, the size of the bet should be increased by one unit – the size of the initial bet.

Game strategy “breaks and break points”. We recommend that more experienced players pay attention to this strategy, the essence of which can be briefly described as follows: bets on the victory of the favorite after the break point of the outsider.

D’Alembert financial system. We set the minimum bet, it is also one, after which we place bets and increase the bet size by 1 unit when losing and reduce by 1 unit after a winning bet.

In general, it is worth noting that all the strategies that are used for betting on tennis can be divided into two categories: universal and tennis. The first are systems used for different sports. The second group is purely tennis strategies.

Live tennis betting

Even a thorough pre-match analytics is not a guarantee of an accurate forecast, so many people prefer to place live tennis bets instead of preliminary ones, that is, live. This is an opportunity to watch the match, assess the strength of opponents, and only after that bet on a certain outcome. The main rule of how to bet on live tennis is to quickly respond to a changing situation.

Types of tennis bets

The main types of betting on tennis:

  • The victory of one of the parties in a match, in a set, in a game.
  • Total games in a match, in a set.
  • Handicap by games or by sets.
  • Accurate score in sets, in the game.
  • There are a huge number of other regular and combined bets. For example, racing to a certain number of games and winning the first set and the entire match

Tennis betting strategy by sets

Choose from men’s singles matches at Grand Slam tournaments. The meeting is held until one of the athletes wins in three sets.

If the bet on the victory of the favorite goes for a coefficient of about 1.10-1.30, this is unprofitable at a distance. This situation allows you to take a set handicap (+2.5) on an outsider for a coefficient of 2.00.

The chances of the underdog winning the whole meeting are small, but the favorite can lose one of the games.

When choosing matches for such bets, pay attention to the statistics of the favorite and the outsider in Grand Slam tournaments in meetings with similar quotes.

If for a year the favorite has less than 50% of wins dry, and the outsider takes at least a set in more than half of the matches, such bets can make a profit at a distance.

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How to bet live on games
Take matches where women compete on clay. In live, you can bet on losing the first game on your serve.

The coefficient for the victory of each tennis player in the pre-match should not exceed 2.30. In live, you can bet on winning the game on someone else’s serve for 2.00 or more.

You bet on the first game, and if you fail, make the same bet on every odd game. The amount of the bet will have to be doubled in order to recapture previous losses when entering.

This strategy is called catch-up. You need to distribute the pot so that you can withstand even a long series of failures.

On the ground in a match of two women of approximately equal strength, there are practically no meetings without mutually lost games on their serve. Slow covering, double faults, excitement and lack of power give receivers extra chances.

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How to bet on tennis with a handicap by game
You can bet with a higher coefficient in tennis due to odds. You choose with what advantage you need to defeat one of the parties.

Serious advantage in games in men’s and women’s tennis is sometimes achieved for various reasons. The best tennis players hold their serve consistently and enjoy a class advantage. Tennis players have psychological downturns when a more skilled athlete takes several games in a row.

If you bet at odds of 2.00, you need more than 50% of successful bets. With quotes in the region of 1.80, for profit at a distance, the cross-country ability should be from 56%.

At Grand Slam tournaments for men, the value of the handicap increases, since the match is played up to three sets won by one of the athletes.

Visually similar handicap bets on sets and games do not always go together.

For example, with a score of 7:6, 6:4, a handicap (-1.5) for sets will go in, but a handicap (-3.5) for games will lose. With a score of 4:6, 6:3, 6:2, everything will be the other way around.

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