Video slots are an invention of the second half of the XX century, caused by the rapid development of electronics and high technology, which replaced the mechanical slot machines. Each such machine has a unique storyline, usually involving an excursion into history, a journey to a mysterious place or copying the top cinematic scenario.

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Any slightly advanced online gaming site will offer new customers to try their luck in a skirmish with medieval knights, sea pirates or the inhabitants of the underwater world, the stars of TV series and Oscar-winning films. Computerization of the game industry allows you to embody the most daring projects and create unique virtual worlds, transforming the tedious and over time fatiguing clicking on the buttons in a fascinating pastime.

How video slots work

The development and production of video slots involved giants of gaming industry like Novomatic, NetEnt, Microgaming, and so on. For these companies, impeccable reputation – above all. No doubt in the quality of their development is not necessary.

For ordinary players, this means only one thing – they do not have to face the unfairness of the gambling establishment or online playground. If you can blame someone for a bad game, it’s only on their own negligence.

Video slots online initially programmed to win their owner. This gain is not provided by the implementation of fraudulent schemes or dishonest techniques, but only the action of objective statistical and probabilistic patterns.

Varieties of video slots

Classification of online video slots Possible by various criteria. Depending on the number used in the game include three-reel, five-reel, seven-reel, nine-reel slots. There are very rare variations of four or six reels. On a “classic” reel, at the same time illuminated three characters, although there are models on the drums which are displayed in five or more characters.

Depending on the equipment of the slot, those or other options provide video slots:

  • With and without prize games;
  • With the ability to influence the rotation of the reel and without it;
  • With the presence of animated fragments in the story and without them;
  • With standard and non-standard game fields;
  • With a classical or atypical number of reels and symbols;
  • With the presence of bonuses (jokers, risk games, freespins, jackpots, and so on) or without them.

Classification of video slots by type is very arbitrary, given the existing diversity, due only to the imagination of their creators and the almost infinite possibilities of technology.

Modern video slots

Best video slots much more convenient and practical than their predecessors. With their appearance, there is no need to use counters, chips, you can play for free on the demo version. Probability of winning the new video slots higher, as the number of winning combinations intentionally overestimated by developers to increase the stimulation of interest in gamers.

The same number of possible stories on these machines in principle, nothing is limited, which allows you to keep interest of customers at the right level for as long as you want. Modern devices allow rates on a wide variety of combinations of characters, which is achieved in a mechanical or electronic machines was almost impossible.

How to play video slots

The process of play video slots is reduced to the consecutive implementation of simple actions:

  • assigning bets;
  • Determining the number of paylines;
  • Start of the spin;
  • Tracking combinations of symbols.

At the last stage of, the player is required to patiently wait for a winning or lucky combination, which will get the bonus or transfer the game in the right direction.

Earnings on video slots

Turning to the next online gaming site, you should be clearly aware of the threshold amount of money with which you can, without remorse, part with.

Video slots are, first of all, entertainment. Winning them is a nice, but not necessary bonus. Breakeven online video slots tips on the slots simply does not exist – such is the consequence of the “ruthless” laws of probability theory.

And yet, a thoughtful approach to the gameplay can increase the chances of winning by an order of magnitude. With super luck, winnings in online casino video slots can amount to millions of dollars.

Large winnings will require commensurate bets. Experienced gamers rarely linger on a single slot machine. Catching a wave of luck and getting a payoff win, such players immediately “get off” the monitor and get up from the table.

A sober look at what is happening from the outside is a distinctive feature of professional players. They are unlikely to fall for the possibility of doubling their winnings, if the alternative is the total loss of the money earned.